Rivalry Wednesday: Celtics-76ers, Lakers-Thunder

Date Posted: 05 March 2013     0 Comments

Kobe. Durant. Lakers. Thunder.

Here we go again.

Over the past years, the Thunder and Lakers have built one of the fiercest rivalries in the NBA. Although both teams are in separate portions of the Western Conference standings presently, NBA fans nationwide can look forward to another showcase of high-flying and sharp-shooting action.

On Wednesday (March 6) at 1030am, Oklahoma City and Los Angeles will meet for the fourth time this season. The Thunder won the first two encounters while the Lakers won the most recent matchup on January 28. In each time they faced each other, the superstars of both teams – Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant – have stepped up to the occasion. 

Durant averaged an incredible 38 points a game during the three times the Thunder faced the Lakers this year, while Bryant has put up an average of 28 points a game against OKC.

For the Thunder, chasing the Spurs and winning the #1 overall seed has become their top-most priority, while the Lakers are hanging on by a thread, trying to buy enough time and wins to make the playoffs. 

With so much on the line in this big matchup, look for other stars such as Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and Russell Westbrook to elevate their game and provide enough ammo to ensure that their team comes out with the win.

Every time that the Thunder and Lakers have gone head-to-head, basketball fans have been given one heck of a show. This Wednesday will not be an exception. 

Tune in to NBA Premium on March 6 at 1030am for the matchup. The Celtics and 76ers will face off in before the Lakers-Thunder game at 8am. 

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