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Michael Jordan and ‘The Breakfast Club’

Date Posted: 25 January 2013     1 Comments

Michael Jordan. Hall of Famer. 6-time NBA Champion. 5-time MVP. 14-time NBA All-Star. 11-time All-NBA selection. That’s just a short list of the many accomplishments he achieved throughout his career.

He's the greatest of all-time, some would say. But how did Michael Jordan become Michael Jordan? 

His amazing work ethic and sheer willingness to consistently improve his game is what separated him for the rest – it’s what made him a great player.

In the years prior to the 1990-91 season, Jordan and the Bulls would consistently succumb to in the hands of the Detroit Pistons. They just couldn’t get past them. He was looking for a way to jump over that hurdle. In came basketball training guru Tim Grover.

Grover reached out to Jordan to offer his own training philosophies that he believed would take MJ’s game to the next level. And because MJ was the kind of guy who was obssesed with training, he was intrigued with the idea.

Along with teammates Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper, and Randy Brown, Jordan would meet with Grover every morning at the gym in Jordan's Chicago home. The group focused on certain areas that emphasized the importance of core engagement in each exercise. They performed quick reps, agility drills, and used light weights in numerous ways that could well translate into real game situations.

They would cap the workout by eating a breakfast meal prepared by a chef according to Grover’s specifications. Thus, “The Breakfast Club” was born.

The 1990-91 season came and the Bulls defeated the Pistons in the playoffs, and eventually went on to win their first championship. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Michael Jordan established the Breakfast Club because he was on a mission to become the best player to ever play the game. The Breakfast Club became a way of life and was designed to allow athletes to maximize their greatness. 

Jordan became Jordan because he put in the hard work each day - he treated every day as a game. Here at NBA Premium TV, we encourage our viewers in keeping motivated and striving to become a better individual - the same way Michael Jordan did.

Some exercises done by Michael Jordan:

Anterior Reach on One Leg

  • Stand on one leg with slight flex in knee
  • Extend arms and lean forward so arms and body are parallel to ground
  • Extend non-standing leg straight back so it is in line with back, hips and arms

(Reps: 10-15, Sets: 2-3, Times per Week: 2)

Squats on Unstable Object

  • Stand on unstable surface (balance board, Bosu, etc.) in athletic stance with toes pointing slightly out
  • Pick eye-level focus point on wall
  • Squat down with control and good posture until thighs are parallel to ground
  • Keep weight back on heels
  • Drive out of squat into starting position, keeping chest out

(Reps: 10-15, Sets: 2-3, Times per Week: 2)

Walk-Outs on Hands

  • Begin in athletic stance
  • Bend at waist and touch hands to floor in front of feet. Keep legs straight
  • Walk hands away from feet, keeping legs straight, until body is fully extended
  • Walk hands back to feet

(Reps: 10-15, Sets: 2-3, Times per Week: 2)

Push-ups On Med/Physio Balls

  • Begin in push-up position with hands on physioball or med ball
  • With control, lower chest to ball, stopping one inch above ball
  • Extend arms to return to starting position

(Reps: 10-15, Sets: 2-3, Times per Week: 2)

Medicine Ball Sit-ups

  • Lie on back with knees bent and feet flat on floor
  • Hold med ball above chest with both hands
  • Raise shoulders off ground and sit up with med ball
  • Return to starting position with control

(Reps: 10-15, Sets: 2-3, Times per Week: 2)

6-inch Leg Raises

  • Lie on back with legs straight and toes pointing toward ceiling
  • Keep arms at sides and raise legs six inches off ground
  • Hold elevated position for two to three seconds; return to starting position

(Reps: 10-15, Sets: 2-3, Times per Week: 2)

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TOMADOR February 13, 2013 03:15 PM

There seems to be some factual errors here, although Ron Harper and Randy Brown would eventually join "The Breakfast Club", it would be only during 95 - 98 and not 90 - 91. Ron Harper then was still with the Dallas Mavericks and likely Randy Brown would still be playing ball in High School



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