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Maintenance: Kobe Bryant

Date Posted: 18 January 2013     0 Comments

When it comes to being in tip-top shape, is there any other player in the league who is more strong-willed, more determined, well-disciplined than Kobe Bryant? The answer is, none.

Kobe Bryant has accomplished a lot ever since he came into the league. He’s won five championships, been named an All-Star 15 times, scored 81 points in a game, and is a future Hall of Famer. And he attained all that through hard work and dedication.

One of Bryant’s secret to success is his motivation to improve his game every year. The Laker star does a lot of weight training to help build up his strength level as the season progresses. In the offseason, it's about getting more agile and concentrating on his conditioning.

Bryant commits to four hours of training, doing Olympic lifts, clean-pulls, Romanian deadlifts, back squats and other weight exercises.

Of course, Bryant wouldn’t become one of the best players in the NBA if he didn’t practice his shooting on the court. He norms 700 to 1,000 makes a day and does a lot of suicides or sprints in practice.

Kobe Bryant is in his 16th season, and for him it’s all about consistency, “You have a program, and a schedule and you have to abide by that, religiously. You just stick to it, and it's the consistency that pays off.”

Just like the Black Mamba, here at NBA Premium TV, we also encourage our viewers to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

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